1. What is a website?

A website is a page or collection of pages that show information about something. Websites can be found on search engines when you search for something to buy or any services you need.

For example, if you are running a hotel and having a website for the hotel say www.masaladosaicbe.com.

when customers search “Masala Dosai in Coimbatore" in search engines like Google means your site will be shown by search engines.

From their customers can visit your web page to know more about your masala dosa. Customers can now visit your hotel or buy your masala dosa.

2. Does my business grow when I have a website?

Yes! Having a well designed and information-rich website can grow business by attracting customers from different locations. Websites are the digital marketing trends where your competitors are making the most of it.

3. What Is Domain and hosting?

Your domain name is a web identity for your business online, using this address your customers can find your business on the internet.

Hosting is a server that stores your website information on the server.

4. Where can I buy Domain and Hosting services?

You can choose and buy the domain through Minmegam, and we provide both domain and hosting.

5. How long will it take to design a website?

Usually, it takes 7 days for a small project, but The project duration depends on the nature of the product.

6. What is the minimum cost of developing a website?

For a small website, the price starts from 4499 and price varies depending on the size.


7. What is a web application?

A web app is a software that is used by companies for their use like GST billing, Employee Attendance ..etc.

You need an internet connection and browser like chrome to run the web app.

8. How long will it take to design a web application?

Usually, it takes 7 days for a small project, but The project duration depends on the nature of the product.

9. What is the minimum cost of developing a web application?

There is no minimum cost for developing the application, Minmegam provides 20 types of web applications. For example, GST billing software costs 15000 and other costs depending on the size and complexity of the application.


10. Whats is SSL?

SSL is the security technology used to encrypt the data which is inputted by the user on your website.

The encrypted data is sent to the webserver. The data sent from the server to the user browser is also encrypted.

For example, while your customer buying input bank details on your site. These bank details are encrypted and safely sent to the server.

If the customer account number is 12345, the encrypted data will be like this B!$%X

11. What is a Firewall?

A firewall is like a Security Guard which monitors your website when someone likes to see your website. The firewall will block hackers and protect from unwanted threats and stop activities that cause damage to your website.

12. What about data security?

All the data stored from your website or web application is securely stored in our database servers.

Your data will not be sold or transferred to third parties for money or for business gains or competitors. Your data is fully controlled by you.


13. What about data backup?

The source code and data will be backed up automatically on a weekly basis.


14. Do you provide any support?

Yes! Application issues are given higher priority and will be solved soon. Below are the kinds of technical support from our team.

  1. 1. New User Guidance
  2. 2. Application Server and Database issues
  3. 3. Application Error and Bugs


15.What about payment policies?

50% of the total cost will be charged as advance and the remaining 50% will be charged during the release of the project.

16. Are there any renewal charges?

Yes! After one year you need to renew your server if the customer wants to continue our services.

Server charge and domain charge if any will be collected from the second Year.